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IPTV on the Hospital Setting: How it Works and How it Helps

IPTV is still a big deal in the healthcare field, and it’s slowly becoming recognized as a game-change. However, many are still in doubt what IPTV is all about, how it works in the hospital industry and how its setup differs from the ordinary coax setup. But, as we go along, let’s see the benefits of IPTV inside the hospital and how technology has changed it.

Getting the Wrong Idea about IPTV

A common mistake about IPTV is that it is the same thing as Netflix or other streaming services.

IPTV, on the other hand, sends digital TV data over Ethernet instead of coax cable. This lets control happen from afar, which makes things like changing the TV channel lineups a lot easier.

With coax, changes to the channel lineup or programming packages have to be made on-site. With IPTV, managers can handle some services from afar, so they don’t have to touch the TV, remote, or any other hardware. This also keeps hospital patients from being disturbed while they sleep.

Putting IPTV into TVs

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is becoming more common as a way to power TVs that are mounted on arms. With PoE, you can use an Ethernet wire to power a patient TV instead of coax for low voltage power. It’s appealing because it can send both power and data through a single line, which makes it simpler and easier to keep up. The patient can’t mess with the power source because it’s safely stored in the IT rack.

IPTV Benefits

One of the best things about IPTV is that it lets you change things around with content management tools. This is somehow similar on harnessing the power of social media. By sending material specifically to certain medical departments or patient floors, very useful information can be shared, which improves communication and engagement. For example, content about caring for newborns can be sent to the maternity room, and content about heart conditions can be sent to the cardiovascular unit. Since IPTV technology is already in place, these content management tools doesn’t need any extra servers or hardware to work.

Last Thoughts

With its adaptability, speed, and ability to be customized, IPTV is changing the way broadcasting works. As more people in the healthcare field use this technology, there is a huge opportunity for improvement and new ideas. You may visit to have a glimpse of it.